LOGO MARKSABC PARTS is a company backed by the most of 20 years of experience of the professionals that form them. Distributors of major brands such as BLACK&DECKER, SVITOL, ARBRE MAGINE, STP have relied on abc PARTS as unique in Spain dealers.

Black+Decker is the world's largest producer of power tools and accessories. Their products in the range of the small appliance is a leader in United States, and in the global small household appliance industry.

Today, Black+Decker is a multinational company which manufactures products for both home and professional quality. It is also the largest provider of information systems and services to the Government of the United States. With business in approximately 100 countries, Black+Decker is a market leader in its different product ranges.

ARBRE MAGIQUE is the most famous car freshener and is sold all over the world. ARBRE MAGIQUE has always been synonymous with freedom, freshness and naturalness, in a word of comfort. Over time has become a "myth" has a shape and unique scents, accompanied by millions of drivers around the world and has inspired works of art, songs and films.

Stivol. More than 70 years AREXONS creates Svitol, Rust solvent oil, dedicated expressly to a heavy duty work of truth lubricant; the maintenance of trams in Milan.

From one brand Svitol never stopped expanding its fields of application, becoming gradually indispensable for the maintenance of industrial plants in the maintenance of the home and DIY.

The Svitol lubricant is unique and universal. It is unique for its quality, ease of use, and history; universal in the uses and applications, industry workshops, from sports to home opportunities.

STP is a trademark and trading name of america for additives, lubricants and the performance of the division Armored Autogroup.

STP Group clings to very well-founded values to be faithful to a corporate culture which allows them to be distinguished and defined, a modus operandi that spreads to the entire team and is transmitted to its clients. the STP character relies on the service commitment, implementation of maximum quality and total dedication, only thus STP Group constituted the solid foundation that sustains the trust and loyalty of all its customers and their projects become exceptional.

Additives, best additives for the care of your car achieving maximum performance and efficient performance of carburetors and fuel injectors.

Oils, discover different types of lubricating oils for conservation of resources and fuel saving of your car.

Armorall, with more than 40 years ARMORALL has manufactured products that help to your author look perfect, inside and out with a line of products in constant innovation, to make your car look better during longer define its slogan with the phrase "do it yourself".