The Basque firm Izar Cutting Tools makes its debut this year in Eurobrico as an exhibiting firm in the seventh edition of this trade fair. This firm, which is specialized in the manufacture of cutting and precision tools, will make full use of its participation in this trade fair, which will be open to the public at Feria Valencia from 3rd to 5th October, to present its new DIY division.

According to Carlos Pujana, the manager of Izar Cutting Tools, “it is indeed a novelty for us to be present in this trade fair, dedicated to the world of DIY, because it is a sector with a completely new activity for us; to date, our usual channel has been oriented to industry and has addressed a more professional sector”.

With the opening of its new division, which will be on show with all its details during the 3-day Eurobrico event –the International DIY Trade Fair-, Izar Cutting Tools will offer solutions that adapt to the demands of any normal DIY centre user.

“And also as differential value, what we offer with this new service is solutions which adapt to problems that are not presently considered in such centres. They come with the highest standards of quality and with our broad experience as specialists in materials”, states the firm’s manager.

Izar Cutting Tools S.A. is a socially-oriented market society which produces and commercializes cutting tools (drill bits, milling cutters, males, etc.) for industrial and professional use. This firm works towards becoming the best option for its customers within a global cutting tools programme through its quality, competitive and excellent service.