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Eurobrico, with the future of the DIY sector

The international fair of DIY, EUROBRICO, It sponsors the 2nd day of business training “Building the future of proximity hardware”. The day, organized by major and the Foundation Txema Elorza, with the support of the reference event in the sector of hardware and DIY which will be held at the Feria Valencia of the 28 to 30 of September and which will meet all the purchasing power to do business, present news and learn about the latest home improvement.

On the day, that will take place next Thursday day 12 may, attendees, owners and responsible for hardware store, do-it-yourself shops and industrial supplies, they will know how to seize the opportunities represented by new technologies and strategies omnicanal in trade in proximity.

In the course of the day, Pablo Foncillas, IESE Professor and one of the foremost Spanish experts in e-commerce, you will speak with a presentation entitled “On / Off, two channels and a destination. Sell more. Myths and keys of the omnicanalidad” to be followed by a round table which will discuss on the current situation, barriers and challenges facing proximity channel stores. It will involve Ferri Villena Joseph Ferri; Marcos Markedols Dols; DIY Jesus Moreno Moreno, and Josep García de Val-Sur.

The day will begin at the 10.00 hours and will end at the 15.00 hours with a farewell cocktail. The event will take place on the premises of major in Paterna. The full programme can be consulted on This link.