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DIY in the world

Although the picture changes every day, we bring you a map of the world in which it can be seen by countries what is the situation of DIY stores today.

The map has been prepared by the C Communication team with the information collected by EDRA, through the data sent by the different members of this European association of DIY distributors, and that has provided us Eurobrico.

As you can see, there are few countries that allow them to open their stores without any restrictions (light green color): scandinavians, Brazil, Mexico, China and little else.

Of the countries in light blue there is no information available.

In dark green states, DIY centers can open, although with restrictions or with certain precautions. This is the case in North America, Australia, central Europe, Portugal, Morocco and Japan.

In other countries, the ban on the opening of DIY centres is either total or, even if allowed, the stores have decided to close and dedicate themselves only to sale online: España, Southern Africa, New Zealand, Russia and some south American countries.