Sponsor is the best way to promote the memory of your target audience

One of the major concerns of the brands is how to promote the memory of your audience.

It has been shown that brands that are committed to a project that offers an experience enjoy a rate of memory and Association greater than with any other type of content generation. The experience in this case can be working on a fair or training project of quality.

Our fairs have become essential points of search trends and sources of training. They are the latest and conferences take place, seminars, workshops and conferences. This makes the brands that sponsor well received because they make it possible to receive training and information on the sector which creates a link between the mark and the hearing. The interesting thing is that associated with a fair can carry the mark beyond where the public is and want to consume it.

Join us and further the remembrance of your target audience.

If you are interested in any of the options, contact us and we will advise you on the best sponsorship option for your company:

Alejandro Roda. Director of Eurobrico (aroda@feriavalencia.com)

Abel Puchades. Sales Eurobrico. (apuchades@feriavalencia.com)