inaugurationMore than 6.000 professionals have attended the first day of the fair Iberflora, Plant World, Eurobrico and fits, that you have now opened their doors in Feria Valencia. The confluence of interests of these contests has allowed that, in comparison with the previous edition, all of them recorded increases in visits from around the 5% during the first day of the fair.

Between visits, It should be noted several delegations of foreign buyers. In fact, in the early hours of today have come to the fairgrounds different central purchasing of Nordic countries responsible for, as well as a group of outstanding professionals from United Arab Emirates. Tomorrow the arrival of a delegation from North Africa is also envisaged. Only Iberflora expects more of 1.000 professionals from abroad.

Iberflora, International fair of plant and flower, Technology and Bricojardín, It has opened its 43rd Edition with 375 exhibiting firms, representing an increase of the 40% with respect to the previous edition. The event, European leader in ornamental plant, has this year nearly one hundred of parallel activities between congresses, round tables, workshops and forums of various kinds. The expectations, both the Organization and the exhibitors, they are optimistic. “We have grown to offer content and hope that also grow business volume and this edition to mean a change of cycle”, emphasizes Oscar Calabuig, President of Iberflora.

While, in plant World-Professional Forum of innovation and agricultural technology, today have begun the technical conferences dedicated to the “For an innovative and competitive horticulture pest management strategies”, in which will participate the most authoritative voices in this field during the three days of fair. Participate in the plant World 143 technology-based firms that develop products or services designed to optimize agricultural production. The program of the event includes presentations, demonstrations and workshops of topical sectoral, that you are “a source of essential information”, as explained by the director of the sample, Miguel Bixquert.

Eurobrico, The international fair of DIY, which brings about 400 exhibiting firms, He has held today its more solidarity day. Together with the Fundación Txema Elorza, Leroy Merlin in collaboration with Briconatur, Eurobrico has organized the solidarity workshop “Sponsor a neuron”. In the event you can also see a careful selection of products that make up the novelties showcase, who choose to get an award from the III Awards Eurobrico, You reward innovation in the sector. These awards will be presented tomorrow in space Eurobrico Forum by Worx to the 18 hours.

Finally, It fits, Fair store, Distribution and point of sale, It offers solutions more efficient and real companies in the field of storage, distribution and point of sale. In addition to visiting the trade show, the professional has been able to attend the conferences organized by the event which was attended by leading companies in the sector such as Ford, Consum, Panter, Sesderma, It snows, Famous or Global Lean, among others. To the Demo the store effective and efficient have approached a large number of professionals where you were able to see a practical demonstration of the solutions arising from the contest. The show has been carried out by an expert who has been meticulously detailing every step of the logistics process.

The industries represented in these four fairs share distribution channels, on the one hand, and in the case of fit is an auxiliary sector of great importance also for them. This has led to the visit to the four fairs grouped shape to awaken the interest of professionals in their respective sectors.

The coincidence of these four samples with other two conferences taking place in the city has caused an important occupation hotel which industry sources estimated yesterday on the 90%, an occupation, said, “especially high for a Wednesday of October”.

Valencia, 1 October 2014