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Commercial agents are “essential” in the sector of hardware and DIY

Commercial agents round table multiportfolio (held yesterday in Madrid and organized by communication C, sponsored by EUROBRICO and Agrefema) It reflected the dynamism of a figure that, in the majority of cases, He has managed to evolve and adapt to the changes of the market deferreteria and DIY.

“Commercial agents: essential”. With this headline summed up the meeting Jaime well, representative of Andalusia. This adaptation is essential. “We have survived because we are chameleons, We reinvent ourselves continuously”, said Félix Valero, Valencia. On the other hand, It is necessary to provide added value in the value chain. “That do not provide it, in the medium term is out”, said Pedro Bernardo, of Asturias.

Great knowledge of the market is, without a doubt, one of the strengths of the commercial agent, as noted by Ignacio Cabello, Andalusia. One aspect that does not always feel that you see recognized by brands. “When moved to the manufacturer all what we have learned, This does not value it in many cases. It is easier to explain to a client hardware what has to be done to improve, that the manufacturer”, said Antonio Martínez, Madrid.

Among the weaknesses, Safe Paco, Andalusia, stressed that “We don't value our profession”. Joseph Bua, in Galicia, He put on the table the lack of union representatives, rather than for Diego Núñez, Madrid, “It is very difficult because it is a too individualistic profession”. Another weak point is focused on the limited resources of which the commercial agent has, According to Vicente Gárate, in the Basque country.

Francisco Muñoz, of Catalonia, He recalled the importance of the own brand of commercial agent in the introduction on the market of no known brands. “We have a large percentage of clients who are very faithful. This makes customers prove the non-recognized brands”.

Jordi Vives, of Catalonia, He acknowledged that they are created very close ties with firms. “With suppliers, we generate a relationship of friendship over the years. Just being part of your family”.

Despite the changes and difficulties encountered along the way, the atmosphere during the meeting was of optimism for the future. As assured Vicente Martín, in Galicia, the representation you will get “another golden period”.