You are currently viewing La firma MEDID presenta en Eurobrico sus nuevos flexómetros

Signature custom presents the new flexometers in Eurobrico

Signature custom, specializing in measurement, This edition of Eurobrico is two new flexometers. One of them transparent made with high transparency polycarbon case that allows to see the internal functioning of the device. It has a brake equipped with PVC wristband and waist clip. It is available in three vivid colours: Yellow, green and orange. It comes in boxes of 12 units with assorted colors. Comes with two-sided tape. The internal face with high vertical visibility numbering, lacquered in varnish of high wear resistance and with protected nail.

Another flexometer is the Medid Triple Black, with triple tri-component case, with soft finish and coated with non-slip elastollan. Black with ribbon top face on black background with white numbering, back face, vertical black numbering on white background. It has great visibility. Brake flexo equipped with textile wristband and waist clip. High-strength nylon-coated tape.

Likewise, MEDID presents its new MEDID KAPRO NEWS with the widest range in laser levels and with the best offers. 875G Prolaser all lines green. Projects 6 green laser rays, including a horizontal, 4 verticals with intersection at 90o in bed and a plumb point.

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CUSTOM, founded on 1932, has been dedicating its productive work to the different fields of linear measurement, being especially a pioneer in the production of flexometers and tapes in Spain.

In our manufacturing facilities, MEDID remains at the forefront of the sector, taking care to permanently contribute to its production processes the most innovative technologies and devoting an important effort to R&D.

MEDID exports its products to five continents, always based on the quality and competitiveness of the products we manufacture. Quality is the basis of MEDID's spirit of work, and that's why we can guarantee all our products around the world.