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Israel country at Eurobrico 2018

In the last decades, Israel has become a Centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, not only in it and telecommunications, but also in design and production of consumer goods. The israeli DIY and home improvement industry is marked by a revolutionary design, materials and innovative ideas and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

A delegation comprised of 12 companies from the industry leader in DIY and home improvement, gardening and smart homes, they will participate in the next edition of Eurobrico which will present their most novel and innovative products

Among the products specializing in urban and vertical gardening, as well as the trend of healthy living companies Elgo It will introduce a new line of innovative pots: the planTower – independent and decorative plant pot, ideal for the cultivation of flowers, herbs and vegetables, easy to assemble, easy to fill and easy to grow. Small-footprint, ideal for balconies, porches and patios (; And by your side, Vinea Green It takes nature to the home and office with a variety of modular systems which enable any person to cultivate create your own garden, even vertical, or gardening. Vinea Green modular system is an innovative israeli development to create organic gardens with very little maintenance. They are simple and easy to install, modular and scalable, maintenance is economic and water consumption is economical.

Other famous Israeli brands such as DF OMER, leading international providers of products for the home and garden and Palram applications, a world leader in greenhouses and gardening market will also present their newest products.

Smart home products will become commonplace within a few years and Israeli companies will present their solutions in smart homes: Homi Smart will present a variety of intelligent devices that can easily control the electrical functions of the home and office, using any computer, Tablet or smart phone. Switch Bee It will present its innovative and patented technology that transforms any home into a smart in a matter of minutes home wiring without neutral or new wiring, no configuration of the hub and without programming.

Multilock present ENTR, the solution of smart lock have been waiting for. ENTR offers a solution that transforms your gateway in an intelligent door keyless. It eliminates the need for keys and gives you access from your Smartphone or Tablet, fingerprint reader, touch panel or remote control. The Group Toad submit more reliable underfloor heating system, without connectors in the world with an innovative and elegant thermostat glass fully programmable remote control from any Smartphone or handheld device