You are currently viewing Influencers DIY, an AFEB project to increase the visibility of your brand

Influencers DIY, an AFEB project to increase the visibility of your brand

Next Wednesday 3 October 16.00 at 17 h, in the Conference Room of Eurobrico Fórum, Houser-online marketing agency & Houser and some of the influencers with more followers on the DIY world, We will talk about the project conceived by AFEB, My best home, to enhance the contents of the brands through the role and credibility of the influencers.

My best home has been a year of filming and already contains almost 100 projects with more of 2 millions of views and some of your tutorials have positioned themselves as "Trends of Videos of the moment" on Youtube.

And it is already a reality, and it is no wonder, find the flooded network of products from brands who decide to invest in branded content with their best ambassadors, the influencers. These are impregnated of the brand identity, they know the product and present him with their best attributes in a way that is subtle and friendly among their thousands of supporters identified as potential customers.

This event will be the influencers which, first-hand, tell us the keys to the success of your corporate content: what pleases his followers, What is the best way to present content without looking like advertising, the factors that can influence to a greater visibility, What future they predict marketing influencers...

Likewise, the 2nd Edition of my best home with the news that have been incorporated to be able to better adapt to the specific needs of each brand will be presented..

In addition, during the morning of the 3 October will be the influencers at the AFEB stand (Stand A-68, of the level 3, Pavilion 2), for to discuss concerns about their work with visitors. Of 10 to 14 hrs, brands will have the opportunity to have a face to face with 4 of the influencers of my best home to share interests and discover the keys to your success.

AFEB, in its commitment to the promotion of brands of partners, bet by MHM and branded content created by influencers to impact new communities. I wait for the day 3 October in Valencia, Eurobrico, It is a great opportunity to discuss the success and the future of marketing influencers.