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French manufacturers, Italians and Portuguese seek in Eurobrico to grow in the Iberian market

Exhibiting firms from France, Italy and Portugal have confirmed their participation in the next edition of Eurobrico, the only professional meeting in the hardware and DIY sector that will take place in 2020 and which will open its doors at Feria Valencia del 6 to 8 October.

With it, the event doubles the foreign presence in its trade exhibition with respect to its last edition and sum in offer with specialized brands in the garden sector, lighting, occupational prevention and decoration. All of them see in Eurobrico a very attractive platform to enter the Iberian market and in this way, gain market share given the special situation that is going through the market right now.

With the aim of supporting the sector, Eurobrico has launched its EUROBRICO COMMITMENT, a declaration of intent to reaffirm the confidence that the sector has historically placed in the contest whereby the exhibiting companies will minimize the possible risks of their participation by not requiring the payment of the registration and guaranteeing the celebration of the event with the presence of all the purchasing power, as in previous editions, and this edition in a safe space.

Not in vain, Eurobrico will follow the strict Security Protocol imposed by Feria Valencia for both visitors and exhibiting firms and which has worked successfully in the first two fair competitions held this July in our country following the Pandemic of Covid19. Both contests, Occasion Vehicle Fair and Magic Day by FIMI, closed their doors by exerting motors in the revival fair both in Feria Valencia and in the whole of the fair business in Spain.

The joint celebration with Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and bricojardín, with which it co-organizes the Garden Hall, arouses a great interest in demand and ensures the presence of the main purchasing groups, large and medium-sized surfaces, as well as large European distribution chains.