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Director-general, Manager, Director of expansion, Purchasing Manager, Director of store, Purchasing Executive, Warehouse Chief, Owner of trade, Chief of section, Head of Sector, International purchasing manager...
DIY, Hardware , Garden, Decoration, Construction services.
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Eurobrico is a consolidated quote and an international reference.
4 to 6 October of 2022.
Coincident with Iberflora
Feria Valencia
Forum Center
Level 3 – Pavilions 2 and 4
Exhibiting companies (2018)
800 Signatures
Visitors (2018)
90% national buying power
48 countries represented


Easy, Economic, Professional, cost-effective. Exhibitors have the advantages to participate in EUROBRICO, Economic and easy to organize stand. Here you will find all the documentation necessary to assess their exposure.

Send us the completed application, to formalize their participation.
If you need additional services, contact with:
If you prefer that we advise you personally, fill out the form and we will contact you:

Frequently asked questions

How to apply for the entry form?
To exhibit in Eurobrico you must send us the participation application form duly completed and signed, enclosing proof of payment of the registration fee and the 50% the amount of the requested m.
You can find the participation form by clicking here or contact us by phone + 34 963 86 11 68.
How to participate easily in EUROBRICO?

In EUROBRICO you will find turnkey stands that will facilitate him his participation in the fair of easy and simple. These booths are susceptible to customization by the Exhibitor. Forms of participation brochure

How do invite your customers?
From the contest we will send you invitations online with your company logo to make them reach out to their customers.
How to attract more visitors to your stand?
To ensure that your participation in Eurobrico is a success, We recommend that you perform the following actions. Click here to see them.
How to have more brand visibility?
Contact us for advertising and sponsorship in Eurobrico via the following email options:
How to get the passes of Mount?

In the office of assemblies located in the Pavilion 6 bis, access by the main building of Feria Valencia. The exhibiting company may withdraw the passes of Mount once it is aware of the payments.

See calendar and Assembly schedules, here.

How to get the spotlight and parking cards?
In the office of Treasury located in the Pavilion 6 bis, access by the main building of Feria Valencia. The exhibiting firm may withdraw Exhibitor passes and a free parking card once it is aware of the payments.

If you need more than one parking card, You can request them through the services folder.

See calendar and schedule of Exhibitor, here.

How many Exhibitor cards correspond?
Belong to each exhibitor cards according to the contracted footage:

16M2 4 cards
32M2 6 cards
48M2 8 cards
64M2 10 cards
96M2 12 cards
112M2 14 cards
128M2 16 cards

Cards will be delivered one time is aware of the payments.

How get and stay?
For different transport options: See here

To consult the different accommodation options please contact our travel agency: Viajes El Corte Inglés, , Ve.. +34 96 386 15 45

How to get visa to go to Eurobrico?

Exhibitors/visitors who need an invitation letter for getting visa can get in touch with:

Mª José Sanfélix Tel.: +34 96 386 14 43 Fax: +34 96 386 11 55 e-mail: