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Director-general, Manager, Director of expansion, Purchasing Manager, Director of store, Purchasing Executive, Warehouse Chief, Owner of trade, Chief of section, Head of Sector, International purchasing manager...
DIY, Hardware , Garden, Decoration, Construction services.
10 Editions
Eurobrico is a consolidated quote and an international reference.
3 to the 5 October of 2018.
Coincident with Iberflora
Feria Valencia
Forum Center
Level 3 – Pavilions 2 and 4
Exhibiting companies (2016)
800 Signatures
Visitors (2016)
90% national buying power
48 countries represented


Easy, Economic, Professional, cost-effective. Exhibitors have the advantages to participate in EUROBRICO, Economic and easy to organize stand. Here you will find all the documentation necessary to assess their exposure.

Send us the completed application, to formalize their participation.
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