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Eurobrico puts himself at the service of the sector to boost the reopening

The Spanish sectorhardware and DIY company claims its fundamental role in the COVID-19 crisis

The main operators that make up the Spanish hardware and DIY sector, led by Eurobrico and its main distributor associations (ADFB) and Manufacturers (AFEB), have joined forces to claim their fundamental role in society during times of natural disasters, as is the case with the current pandemic.

By this, sent a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Trade, stressing that hardware stores and DIY centers are "home pharmacies" and supplying necessities, without which no dwelling can continue to function. And this is especially important in the current period of confinement motivated by the COVID-19 crisis.

In Spain, the hardware and DIY sector is made up of almost 8.000 outlets, Small, medium and large. Provides direct employment to some 150.000 people, between retailers and manufacturers. "All our stores are central to the fight against the pandemic", explain the industry organizations in the letter sent to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, because they offer "citizens necessities", according to the definition set out by the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court and the Royal Decree 1507/2000, of 1 September (in force and updated as of February 2008).

In many European countries, hardware and DIY stores remain open today. This is the case in Portugal, Italy, Belgium, most of Germany, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Iceland, Croatia or Latvia. And every day new countries come to the rise. In some cases, timely or capacity constraints.

Whyhardware stores and DIY centres are a priority sector?

The firming organizations of the statement recall that electricity-related products, Plumbing and heating are essential. Industry stores sell these types of items, both individuals and professionals.

In addition, hardware stores and DIY centres also provide products to fight contagion, like bleach, Masks, Gloves, cleaning products, etc. "The food industry, logistics and even hospitals need maintenance. Our stores are essential for such maintenance", they say in the statement.

All this without forgetting that, right at a time when people are confined to the home, is when it needs more improvements and maintenance. "Let our citizens maintain and improve their home (painting, electricity, lighting, plumbing, Garden...), taking advantage of this valuable time that circumstances force us to have. In many small municipalities, our stores are the only place that allows them to clean, disinfect and maintain their homes".

And remember that the hardware and DIY sector "is trained to perform a controlled opening, with the requirement to ensure the safety of customers and employees, preventing the spread of the disease". In short, request that an orderly opening be allowed, now that the emergency situation is starting to be under control, and that the hardware and DIY sector is declared a priority.

More information and contact:

Alejandro Roda. ADFB Manager and Eurobrico Director.
Tel.: 626 654 436

Marta Omedes. Secretary General-Manager of AFEB
Ve.: 93. 410.23.34

Organizations that have signed the letter

ADFB - Association of Hardware and DIY Distributors. Made up of Leroy Merlin, Brico Deplet, BricoCentro and Bricogroup.
AFEB - Association of DIY and Hardware Manufacturers. Integrated by 108 Suppliers.
AGREFEMA - Madrid Hardware Guild.
EHLIS / CHAIN 88 – Hardware chain integrated by 1.370 Shops
COARCO - Canarian cooperative with more than 260 Hardware stores
COMAFE - Madrid cooperative with near 300 Hardware stores
COFERDROZA – Cooperative 385 Hardware stores
COINFER - Valencian Cooperative with 175 Hardware stores
QF + – Catalan Cooperative with 370 Hardware stores
LAS RIAS - Galician cooperative with 130 Hardware stores
EUROBRICO - International DIY Fair. It is held every two years at Feria Valencia.
LAMS EUROPE – Hardware store shopping group. Comprised of four wholesalers
UNIFERSA - Galician central shopping, integrated by 168 hardware stores and industrial supplies
BRICOSORIANO - Madrid chain of DIY centres, with three outlets
GCI - Purchasing group made up of a hundred hardware stores and industrial supplies.
CECOFERSA - Hardware and industrial supply purchasing plant integrated by 240 outlets
GESIN - Industrial supply procurement group made up of 39 outlets
ASIDE - Industrial supply procurement group made up of 57 outlets
ALMACENES FERRETERIA SAN RAFAEL - Cordoba wholesaler of hardware
NCC -Central purchasing and services of power plants that bring together more than 1.000 outlets
FERBRIC – Hardware chain with 86 points of sale with national implementation