EUROBRICO is sponsoring the Roundtable "the present and future of the commercial agent"

Twelve outstanding agents commercial multiportfolio of hardware and DIY sector gather today in Madrid in a round table organized by communication C, sponsored by Agrefema, Guild of Ferreteria of Madrid, and Eurobrico, International fair of DIY.

During the meeting the present and future of this figure within the sector will be analyzed, his role in the value chain, the main problems facing the commercial agents, the impact of technology in its work and commissions, among other aspects.

The participants in the round table are Antonio Martínez and Diego Núñez (Madrid), Pedro Bernardo (Asturias), Nacho hair, Francisco Segura and Jaime well (Andalusia), Vicente Garate (Basque country), Jordi Vives and Francisco Muñoz (Catalonia), Vicente Martín and José Bua (Galicia) and Felix Valero (Valencia).

In addition, will also be attended by Javier Fresneda and Julián de Frutos, by Agrefema, President and Treasurer, respectively, and Alejandro Roda, Director of Eurobrico.