You are currently viewing Eurobrico apoya la Jornada “El futuro de la ferretería de proximidad” de la Fundación Texma Elorza

Eurobrico supports the Conference "The future of hardware of proximity" of the Foundation Texma Elorza

The Foundation Txema Elorza returns to tell, One more time, with the support and collaboration of the international fair of the DIY of Feria Valencia, Eurobrico, in its 10th Business Training Day. A bet that Eurobrico meets one of its priority objectives, boost the competitiveness of proximity trade.

With the motto "Building the future of proximity hardware" The Foundation resumes the second round of training that has been so successful in its previous calls. The next Wednesday 28 November at COMAFE's Hall of Acts (Madrid ferreteros cooperative) to continue advancing the necessary transformation of hardware stores and local DIY stores.

In this new round, also has the collaboration of Professor Pablo Foncillas, with a new presentation that collects specific examples of omnichannel of the sector and delves into the opportunities for proximity hardware selling "on line", including market place, the corporate websites of distribution organizations, etc. Wednesday's day will take place all morning and will also have a Round Table in which selected ferries from the community of Madrid and downtown area will participate.

Program of the 10th Business Training Day

09.30-10.00h Reception and accreditation of participants.

10.00-10.15h Presentation Day with the participation of José Horcano, president of Comafe and Fernando Bautista, president of the Txema Elorza Foundation.

10.15-11.15h Lecture by Pablo Foncillas "Building the Future of Proximity Hardware" part 1

11.15-11.45h Coffee rest

11.45-12.30h Lecture by Pablo Foncillas "Building the Future of Proximity Hardware" part 2

12.30-13.45h Round Table with the participation of ferries and distributors from Madrid and the central and moderate area by Juan Manuel Fernández

13.45-15.00h Cocktail

For more information:
Texma Elorza Foundation. Anna Cerdá / 91.632.60.42 /
Comafe. Ana Belén Reyes / 91.688.03.33 /