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The retailer by HMY Yudigar

What are your needs?

It seeks to create a point of sale attractive and unique in that the consumer will feel comfortable to purchase, their experience in the establishment to be satisfactory and generate a new visit. In the world of DIY and hardware are handled a significant number of references and articles varied in terms of size and weight. From small screws or nuts to construction machinery, gardening… All types of materials which must be exposed in the establishment in the most effective way to generate sales.

HMY solution:

It offers the retailer a wide range of systems and accessories to expose products, they are property that are, in a striking and accessible manner. You have your StoRacking system specifically designed to optimize the space in the showroom, facilitating the Organization and management of products. The retailer can devote more of its establishment to expose their products since this system allows you to store the goods at the top of the furniture. They are sturdy and durable structures able to withstand loads of up to 12 tons.