The Organizing Committee of Eurobrico has already kick off the celebration which will be the seventh edition of the international fair of DIY. And it has done so by ratifying, First of all, the new dates for the competition, This year opening of the 3 to 5 October at Feria Valencia; as well as with the definition of the basic pillars of the salon for his call of 2012.

The members of the Committee - which is chaired by Luis Franco and which this year presents new additions to the roster of sector experts that comprise it (see annex)- they have agreed to strengthen four priority objectives for this edition: continue betting on attracting quality visitors and increase your presence; the strengthening of the international component of the fair; search for content of interest to a new programme of parallel activities; and the continuity of the program Easy, as a way to facilitate the participation in the exhibition area of the sample.

Easy program that already started in the last edition of the competition returns this year with the aim of simplifying to the maximum the presence of exhibiting firms from Eurobrico, looking at a discount of fidelity with which the organizers of the salon want to reward those companies who already participated in the fair in its edition of 2010.

On the other hand, the Organization will pay special attention in 2012 the programme of parallel activities. As explained Luis Franco, President of the competition, "for us the events that occur in parallel to the exhibition of products and services is not residual, but it is an initiative that has a high value in itself. And let's not forget that he ensures visitors the maximum use of their displacement until the sample".

And add, "meet your expectations is our priority, and why test directly with the professionals who come to Eurobrico those issues that most interest may wake up, by its usefulness in carrying out their daily work"

Two leading trade fairs in one space
As already the contest announced just a few months, one of the proposals that best host has had among the members of the Committee is co-organized together with the fair Iberflora in the garden room.

Through this common to both classroom space, collect the largest supply of DIY, outdoor and garden decor. An activity that has been gaining strength in recent years, and that today it becomes the entertainment more accessible and attractive to the consumer proposal.


 Luis Franco, President Industrial meeting

Vice Presidents
 Juan José Jaén, President of Bricoking
 Enrique Coco, Manager Bricogroup

 Victor Albanell, Titan industries commercial Director
 Carlos bathroom, Manager Tescoma
 Justino Barbosa, Commercial Director Barbosa
 Jose Luis Beltran, Manager Coinfer
 Fernando Colorado, Manager ADFB
 Alfredo Díaz, Manager Comafe
 Marya Fores Raga, Commercial Director Fores design
 Luis Angel Gamarra, Chief purchasing hardware and management of Leroy Merlin
 Javier Gil-Vernet, Manager Jardinarium
 Andreu rubber Amat, general manager group Desa
 José Antonio Jiménez, Director general Akzo Nobel
 William Leal, President ATB North
 Diego Luis Martin, Director general Bricor
 Fernando Martínez Ramírez, Director general Catral Export
 Sergio Miranda, Director general Bricorama
 César Navarro, President Cintacor
 Vicente Pajares, Counselor Rombull Ronets-Panter
 Carlos de el Piñal, General manager Spain & Portugal Husqvarna
 Juan Pedro Resino, Commercial Director Wolfcraft
 Royo Raul, Royo Group CEO
 Ignasi Trani, Plastiken commercial Director

 Alejandro Roda