eurobirco comafe photo 2Eurobrico adds and continues in 2012, and it does so with the collaboration of Comafe. From the hand of the director-general of Comafe, Alfredo Díaz, the Madrid Union of hardware goes this year to be a member of the Organizing Committee of the international fair of DIY. As a new addition to the advisory body, the cooperative will actively intervene in the decisions of the contest as well as in the definition of the strategic lines to its new call, to be held in the 3 to 5 October at Feria Valencia.

Within the cooperative sector, Comafe currently has more of 30.000 references and a logistics center of more of 20.000 square meters. In 2011, the company achieved a turnover of 50 million euros, which means a 5% with respect to the previous year. For 2012, is expected to achieve the 58 millions of euros in sales.