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EUROBRICO postpones this year’s event and moves it to 2021

The International Hardware and DIY trade fair postpones this year's event so as to honour and maintain its commitment to the entire sector

València, 27 August 2020.- EUROBRICO, the international hardware and DIY fair held every two years at Feria Valencia, has postponed this year's event and has moved it to 2021, thus responding to the requests made by the sector. With this decision, EUROBRICO honours the interests of the entire industry, as well as the investment made by exhibitors, in maintaining its commitment to bring all of the Spanish and international purchasing power to the event when it is held..

"As of today , 68% of EUROBRICO's 68% exhibition space, as well as a large part of the additional activities that are organized, has been contracted", explains Alejandro Roda, EUROBRICO's director. However, as he adds, the situation regarding the purchasing power that the distribution industry of the hardware and DIY sector represents and brings to the event has changed during the last month.

"The health situation in our country has not improved during the summer, which means we cannot guarantee the attendance of buyers at the event, this is the main reason why companies exhibit at Eurobrico, , and one of the commitments that we acquire from the organization with all the companies that confide in the event every two years", concludes EUROBRICO's director. All this, together with the uncertainty of the changing health regulations has led the organisers to confirm that the event will be postponed.

The event, which was scheduled to be held from 6 to 8 October 2020, is assessing alternatives for a different, technological celebration to present the news and trends for next year. Likewise, the EUROBRICO Organising Committee will be analysing the evolution of the health situation in the coming months to set new dates for the fair in 2021