EurobricoThis evening the 7th call of Eurobrico and the 41st Edition of Iberflora close their doors with the duties made after three days of celebration which was attended by a total of 672 firms exhibiting representatives of the world of the garden and DIY, and with more than 51.000 square metres of occupied surface. The fairs have staged a turnaround, with increased activity and above all in a spirit of renewed work, as expressed by the participants of this call, similar to the Presidents of both samples highlight it.

Vicente Peris Alcayde, President of Iberflora, It has been the first to say that the last edition of the exhibition was a turning point and that finally in 2012 the contest has re-emerged with force. “This year he has also - explained- have closed many orders something that long did not occur within the framework of any sign and we appreciated since early hours of putting up, an illusion among our exhibitors both buyers”.

Luis Franco, President of Eurobrico, It has spoken the same line, and in direct reference to the international fair of the DIY underlined the big surprise has meant for all attendees. “Our advertising campaign for this year showed a face of astonishment because our intention was to surprise and we have done so”. According to Franco, “people have noticed that he has worked on a new project and quickly they had joined in the. The entire industry has been here; and even those who perhaps have less presence as it is the case of the store's proximity, Bricor presentation within the framework of Eurobrico has thrown hope about the possibilities of this segment”.

Exhibitors also wanted to give his opinion and Lara Magraner has done so, Manager of Vivercid and the Iberflora fair Exhibitor. For her, “We have seen a considerable change with respect to the previous edition, with the assistance of a greater number of new customers and a profile of professional with many more eager to work. Probably due to the maturation of the crisis, in the sense that those who have been able to cope with the onslaught of the economy, Finally we feel more secure with what can or do”.

He has also participated as exhibitor firm these days at Iberflora MMV, and its director Manuel Muñoz has been “particularly satisfied with this 41st Edition”. According to Muñoz, “hand, we have seen the increase in exhibitors and other visitors have transmitted us loud and clear its satisfaction with the competition”. “Customers are very hungry that things are activated and in general there has been a climate of optimism and enthusiasm among participants”, It has secured. With respect to the parallel holding of Eurobrico, He acknowledged that the new bid “ambient creates” and in this sense are two fairs that have been able to perfectly combine.

On the side of DIY and hardware, Dario Alonso, general director Aghasa Turis was concise and direct: “This edition has been simply great”. “Of course - mentioned- It is the size of the fair that the circumstances required by the context of minima in which we find ourselves, but both suppliers and visitors have found more than expected”. Alonso has pointed out that it is objectively very difficult to say that the fair is a reflection that the sector will better because there is no indicator macro or micro it thus confirming. But yes it is true that the general feeling has been very positive. “There is a certain trend change”, It has concluded.

On behalf of Eurobrico the CEO of Husqvarna Consumer of Spain and Portugal, Carlos de el Piñal, It has been also very satisfied with the results obtained at the fair. “I have come with all the equipment of the company to Eurobrico and all feedback has been very positive”. “The crème de la crème of the distribution with firms such as Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, Bricor, etc have been in the sample”, It has been explained. And he stressed the value of participating in fair. According to him, “new technologies are not at odds with touching the product and talk with the people and therefore it is important to attend meetings like this”.

Valencia, Friday 05 October 2012