The market of hardware and DIY grows a 5% in the third quarter of the year

The latest barometer of the DIY sector, prepared by AECOC associations (Association of manufacturers and distributors) and AFEB (DIY and hardware manufacturers association) and collecting data from the sector in the third quarter of the year, leave good data regarding the evolution of the market.

And it is that the figures speak for themselves, confirming the upward trend is logged from 2015. But this growth does not concern only the large distribution chains, but also the traditional channel, both with a growth figure around the 5% with respect to the same period of the previous year.

Manufacturer brands have also experienced an upward trend, highlighting the traditional channel, that although during the second quarter just grew a 1%, has increased a 6% during the third.

Last year closed with quarterly growth between the 5% and the 7%, It is expected that this 2018 closing with similar growth figures, thus confirming the recovery of the sector.

In this respect, in the last Edition of Iberflora already We could appreciate the trend to the rise of the bricojardín sector, with a multitude of first level markings exhibiting their products in the face of next season.

No doubt, It's excellent figures which encourage brands to continue working towards full recovery. The professionals will be able to feel this atmosphere of prosperity in the next editions of Eurobrico and Iberflora, which will be held jointly in October of 2018 at the Feria Valencia.