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Tex AAA, Ropes and cordage factory, in Eurobrico

AAA Tex is one of the leading manufacturers of the sector in Russia of rope. The factory produces threads, strings, cables, bands (tapes) in a production that prepared with different types of materials: polyethylene, polyester, the polyamides, polyethylene, cotton, jute, the basalt, etc.

The factory is equipped with leading machinery in the world. His production serves to different sectors as construction, to the domestic space, water sports, mountaineering, Tourism, making clothing, DIY and design, fixation and transfer of loads and others.


AAA Tex The Ropes factory is one of the largest manufacturers of rope production in Russia. The company produces yarns, ropes, ribbons and slings. The products are made of various materials: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PE), polyamide (PA), polyethylene (PET), cotton, jute, basalt, for-aramid, etc. The factory is equipped with machines of leading world manufacturers in Spain, Germany and Italy. The products of the factory are widely used in various industries: construction, household, yachting, mountaineering and tourism, clothing industry, needlework and design, cargo fixing and transportation, etc.